CEVA Equipment

Technical capabilities of CEVA are presented below :


Critical step between a laboratory development and the industrial production. It is organized for batch treatment avec usual pieces of equipment in order to help technology transfer toward our customer's operations. Capabilities are detailed in following documents.

Vue générale


The laboratory combines capabilities both for R&D project development of new processes (extraction, purification, ...) and physico-chemical analysis of products from these projects and from specific customer requests. It is highly specialized on algal polysaccharides, but also expert on polyphenols, pigments, minerals, ... The laboratory focuses on analysis applied to algae that cannot be found elsewhere.

Ceva Labo HPLC


This is an experimental marine farm, always in water, located in the Trieux estuary close to CEVA site. It can be used for seaweed cultivation on long lines or any other devices that can be installed on long lines.

Ceva Ferme marine


The platform is made of cultivation tanks located outside and a hatchery located inside the building. Both seaweed and microalgae cultivation are possible in controled environment. Seawater is distributed to the platform from a storage tank filled at high tide by pumping. If necessary the seawater can be filtered down to 0.2 µm.

Ceva culture microalgue


This is the key for studies on seaweed ecology : field verification to allow remote sensing treatment, sampling, diving, ... anything that can bring field data to projects in modeling or evaluation of algal biomass.